Friday, November 25, 2011

My broken droid

For all of you that have tried to compile the Android source code and run into a LOT OF ERRORS. Somehow "fix it" then another arises, "fix again" and then another.... And of course most of the fixes are commenting a line or skipping building certain module.
After searching the Internet, there are a lot of people that runs in same problems that i do. Some shows success after a while others (like me) decided to join forces between the head and the keyboard to see what comes out of it. Most of the time this solution only produces a headache.
Anyhow in the name of all us nerds that have very old phones and just for the fun of it want to port the latest version of Android to it. Please make the source building process a little easier. I have no solution since I am no expert so do not know what can be done. But there are smart people out there that can make this better and easier.
If you are like me trying to build this yourself for your phone, go ahead continue trying. I believe there is a small chance of success and you can achieve it.
Finished this post, lets get back to my crusade and see what's comes out of it.

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