Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Custom firmware on my trendnet 652BRP

I have a few routers, most of them with the dd-wrt custom firmware which I love. But there is one ugly duck in the pack, my trendnet TEW-652BRP V2.1. This revision is not supported by the dd-wrt... UURRR!!!
Lucky me, I found a link of somebody that compiled the GPL version of the firmware and changed it's functionality to be in Client Mode.The firmware can be downloaded from https://sourceforge.net/projects/tew652brpv2wcl/ .

What the firmware does?
The router operating mode is changed from Access Point to a Wireless Bridge. The router now is in Client Mode. When on client mode, the router accepts up to four wired devices and link those connections to a wireless network. This now accepts up to four devices wired to it. I had just connected one, but in the web site it says up to four.

1. The router gets to be a bridge for up to four devices

1. In order to change to be an access point you need to flash the original firmware of the device.

All this is possible for curious people and open source. If more

If you have only one router, do not use this firmware. This is only if you want to use your router now as a bridge to provide wireless connection to some wired only devices, like a DVD player, TV set, media player...

I have nothing to do with this firmware, just found it downloaded it and installed. Since I liked it decided to share my experience.

Product picture from http://www.trendnet.com/downloads/list_subcategory.asp?SUBTYPE_ID=1259#


  1. Tried this last night and it worked great! Thank you!

  2. I needed a way to attach my DVD, and DRV to the internet and had an old TRENnet TEW-652BRP laying around. I downloaded and installed this firmware and it works great!!.