Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Today I got a Beaglebone Black

Just a few hours ago it finally arrived. My long wait for a Beaglebone Black is finally over. This is a BB that actually has some future. 
There is something about a small and slow Linux computer that got me hook. It is too soon to actually doing something useful with it, so there is not much to say. The only news for now is that I just realized how used I am to Debian. After a few years with Ubuntu and now Mint you get used to a lot of the "helpers" Ubuntu provides, there is so much Debian does for you. The Beaglebone uses Angstrom as the default Linux distro and it is quite different. A few years ago (about 10+) I tried Gentoo and told myself there is now way I go back to that and now I am very close to it once again. It will be interesting using a different distro. The small beagle has very limited resources and I want the power on my apps not in the OS, so Angstrom will stay.
Hope to get back with a new post with more progress.
Right now I will be upgrading the factory firmware and setting up the wireless.

Few days with the Beaglebone now. For the wifi tried successfully with debian from the sdcard however not from the eMMC with the Angstrom. On Angstrom I manage to get the usb wifi recognized but not associated with my network. Still not giving up, tried with two different usb dongles. Will continue banging my head with the wifi until success is achieved.

Finally make it work the wifi on the beaglebone black on Argnstrom. Used the tutorial from adafruit http://learn.adafruit.com/beaglebone/wifi with a modification for my WPA2 network. Just put the Security on the wifi.config as wpa like shown bellow.

Type = wifi
Name = ssid
Security = wpa
Passphrase = my_password

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