Monday, December 5, 2011

Am I that stupid developer?

Everyday I read stories in the web about someone (a developer) who do something awesome. Some great app or hack that for me seems to be impossible to accomplish.
I spend a lot of time on developer sites, reading and coding. But still I am able to accomplish very little. So it is normal to ask myself "Am I that stupid or are they so smart?". Probably the answer is a little of both (which one is more left to be seen).
All this just to say, if you are a developer or want to be. Please do not think of yourself less than others because of what some guys in the web do. There are a lot of brilliant guys out there and in my experience a lot of those brilliant guys can help during our late nights smashing our heads about a null pointer exception or a script error. Keep on programming, hacking or whatever is that rocks your boat. Because be sure that I will continue as well as a lot of other nerds like us.
Enjoy programming and developing, help others when you can and share what ever you can!
Happy programming for all who reads this (if any).