Thursday, December 29, 2011

Place PDF from Google Docs into your Blog

Posted a how to post a Presentation from Google docs into your blog. Presented my findings to my friend and it got back again to me. "No is not a presentation but a pdf that I want to show" - he said. So lets start all over again but now with a pdf.
The PDF embed into this post has the details on how to, however I will quick break down the steps.

Will try to show in a few quick steps on how to

  1. We assume you have a pdf file already.
  2. Upload your pdf to your Google Docs account.
  3. Share your pdf and set it to be public.
  4. Copy the link given from Google Docs of your pdf
  5. Paste the link into the address bar of your browser
  6. Copy again the resulting link from the address bar of your browser
  7. On the address replace chrome=true to chrome=false and append to the end of the link "&embedded=true" (without the " )
  8. Place your resulting URL into this block
    1. <iframe height="780" src="MY_ADDRESS" style="border: none;" width="600"></iframe>
  9. Change width and height as needed.

Sample resulting block of code

<iframe height="780" src=";pid=explorer&amp;chrome=false&amp;srcid=0B10UfrjZDyv1YzNiZDgzZTgtMWM2Mi00YmM4LTg3OGEtZWY3YjQ1NmExMGQz&amp;hl=en_US&amp;embedded=true" style="border: none;" width="600"></iframe>

Embedded PDF in action!

Hope this was useful to you!

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  1. It works!!!! Thanks!