Sunday, February 26, 2012

Arming my arduino

Just a view of how looks like an Arduino with a cheap Ethernet module and an infrared led with corresponding receiver. Separated all is working. Is a matter of creating interrupts for multitasking.  If not possible then this could become a dual core arduino project. Oh and this build is missing more LEDs and an USB cable to emulate a keyboard. Oh and of course a mobile phone app.
I just want to complete this project to start using it. And write a post here about it.

Due to interrupts and clock limitation (also I tried and tried but could not make the two codes into one), the project ended up using two arduino chips. Each connected via serial. One emulating the USB Keyboard and one with the ethernet and IRDA. All this might be able to be resumed into just one arduino UNO board with a different firmware for the usb to serial chip and might look actually better and smaller.

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