Monday, January 7, 2013

Programming for my network android (MK802)

Christmas came and with it a new nerd toy. In my case it was in the for of a Rikimagic MK802II android minipc.

Wanted to debug apps directly into the device but the device is plugged via HDMI to the TV and it would be hard for me to place a laptop near the TV just to debug a simple app. Knowing that you can use the Android Development Bridge over network by running a few shell commands, I decided to do that precisely. Instead of typing each time and being the nerd I am. Just put a few lines together to activate this via simple app click. Also to install for first time easy I uploaded the app to the market.

The app turns out to be great for my phone (Motorola Atrix 2 rooted) as well.

The link for the app is:

Your PC should be in the same network as the device.
Steps to Develop Via Network (WIFI):
1. Download the app from the play store into the device
2. On the Device Run the app and click on Toggle once. (it enable and if it is enable it tries disable). It is not intelligent at all, so it just toggle, click it once and keep count so you know if enable or disable.
3. On the PC (get the IP from the device app) open a shell or command prompt and run
adb connect <DEVICE_IP_ADDRESS>

You should see a connection confirmation on the shell. Alfter just run your Eclipse or other environment and debug as a regular device.

I have not uploaded the code for this app still but could be if somebody want's it.Anyhow soon the code will be uploaded just to save it for future reference.

The app requires the device to be rooted and the super user app be installed. Could not make it to work without the super user (also I do not have a non rooted phone). If learn how to do un-rooted will be better, that could be an upgrade.

This post describes the commands to connect the ADB over network (from here I got the commands to run)

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